Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Jobs Created or Saved

I just couldn't let this one pass. The latest from ABC News is about well over a hundred million dollars of stimulus money going to congressional districts that don't exist and being reported as "jobs saved or created." Not much talk about were the money actually went though.

I live in Illinois so I know how bad the political system is. Appointed Governor Quinn is touting how bringing gitmo detainees here will is a good thing and create jobs. The sad part is that people will actually swallow that story. The fact is that it really is bad, if you ask the right questions. Since these new jobs will not be creating any sellable goods or services, how do their salaries get paid?

You got it, more taxes, and all this at a time that both the state of Illinois and the federal government are running huge budget deficits. So that means in order to pay those salaries they will have to borrow the money. Do I really even need to mention the national debt let alone Illinois' huge debt?

This Quinn guy is just another a-typical politician and has to go!

God save us.


See the story here:

Saturday, November 14, 2009


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